The Gods of No Power are at it again.

Why is it that the Democrats can accurately perceive what’s offensive, but then only whine and wring their hands before they roll over and give butt time to the offender? (Unless, of course, when it comes to screwing the US. They are mighty mighties when it comes to stepping on their supporters and the US Constitution).

Joe Lieberman thinks it’s a good thing that he can speak his traitorous mind, yet keep his vaunted position. Fine, Joe. Democrats ought to keep in mind that you are not to be trusted.

As a matter of fact, why should the Republicans trust a man who stood next to John McCain, called President-Elect Obama a Marxist, yet still chooses to caucus with the Marxist’s party?

Can someone who is so blatantly power-hungry be trusted by anyone? No. Both parties ought to treat that liar as the pariah that he is. I hope President-Elect Obama won’t have to rue this day.

Maybe President-Elect Obama will disband the Department of Homeland Security. It has proven to be too clunky and ineffectual.


From ending torture to restoring constitutional rights,  our trusted grassroot organizations are putting in their wish lists for the new administration.

I’ll be happy if the O administration can immediately hamstring rogue police elements long enough to keep them from blasting innocent black men full of bullet holes for simply reaching inside a coat or pants pocket for their wallet. As well, if we can get a handle on the misuse of tasers that would be awesome as well.


To union workers who voted for Republicans: why? George Bush and his Republicans are unwilling to spend money to save your job? How do you justify them throwing trillions at Wall Street while they blame you, the union worker for the woes of the auto industry?

When the Republicans raise their middle finger at you, what do you suppose they’re trying to communicate?

J Gowasky

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