According to MSNBC the ATF has disrupted an alleged assassination plot on Senator Obama’s life. According to MSNBC, an accidental arrest led to the unraveling of the plot by two neo-Nazi skinheads whose alleged plans included targeting an African-American school. The school in the plot is unnamed.

More at MSNBC

It’s becoming painfully obvious that the McCain/Palin campaign have stirred up the emotionally fragile. The genie is out of the bottle and McCain/Palin bears some responsibility for going there with people by turning an American citizen, presidential candidate and sitting senator into a traitor.

This is the *second known plot on Obama’s life. For those who don’t remember or weren’t aware, the cops stumbled into another plot during the Dem convention in Colorado to kill Obama. The Feds rejected charging those guys and one girl as plotters, insisting they were meth-heads and not a danger.

*eta… this is actually the third alleged plot. We neglected to mention the Florida guy with the guns in the hotel. 


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