Author Douglas Blackmon along with Lillie McCain talk about John McCain Family ties on CNN.


Lillie McCain is a descendant of slaves once held on the plantation of John McCain’s great, great grandfather. Oral history of the African American McCains claims a biological connection and family relationship.

The white McCains, according to author Douglas Blackmon, say that “if that’s the case they never knew.” 

Lillie adds that “given the way that the slave masters interacted with the slaves it would be uncommon” to not be biologically related. She says that they neither discount nor are ashamed whether that connection is real or not. 

The white McCain’s who Blackmon spoke to told him, “it doesn’t really matter” if they share bloodlines with African-American McCains. Lillie confirms that DNA testing has not been done.

Still, McCain’s brother, Joseph, has embraced the family ties by attending the McCain Reunion with the African-American McCains held every two years at Teoc, Mississippi. However, Senator McCain, over the years, has chosen to not attend, again missing this year’s reunion, held on July 24. 

Both sides of the McCain Family deserve kudos. Like a growing number of Americans whose families are connected by the travesty of slavery, they have chosen to tackle that part of our history head on.

No secrets. No denials. No shutting the eyes, hoping that it all goes away.

America is a country experiencing rapidly changing demographics. A real leader would take the opportunity to use his elaborately expressed history as an excellent teaching moment for America, rather than using his campaign to stir up the emotions of his constituency by reinforcing unjustified fears of the “otherness” of Barack Obama.

Apparently, that leader is not Senator McCain who seems to drunkenly steer his Straight Talk Express mindlessly and hazardously through small town America. 

Whether or not the racists living in our nation approve, America is “browning.” Get over it. People having browner complexions will not be hopping on boats or planes in an attempt to apply for residence in other countries. It just ain’t gonna happen.

McCain could go a long way in helping his constituency understand it. But, that’s only if the senator bothers to do what it takes to understand it for himself.

More shame on John McCain.

I’ll get a video transcript up later in the day.


J Gowasky

One thought on “McCain’s Black Relatives Speak Out (Video)

  1. I found this docomentary very interesting for me and my family.We live in Washington D.C. and was borned in North Carolina, we would be interested in knowing more about the McCains.

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