Original Russian letter: http://www.un.int/russia/new/MainRoot/docs/press/201008

Full story here.

The McCain campaign has accused the Obama campaign of accepting foreign campaign donations. Instead, the Russian document shows that McCain’s campaign has solicited Illegal donations. McCain’s phony complaint shows once again how convenient his campaign’s timing is when tossing around bogus accusations.

It is illegal to accept foreign money in election campaigns.



One thought on “McCain Campaign Hits Russians Up For Campaign Donation, Russians Respond: “Thanks, But No Thanks”

  1. So whatever McCain accuses Obama of doing is actually what McCain is doing himself?

    There so many weird and confusing things that McCain and his campaign is doing. This just shows that if his campaign is weird and confusing then what can we expect from his administration if (which I don’t think will happen) he becomes our next president.

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