Joe Biden Responds to Sarah Palin’s statement that she loves to visit pro-American areas of the country. (We’re guessing that excludes Alaska). Transcript follows. 


“Ladies and gentleman, every state that i’ve been in, every state in this nation has sent their sons and daughters to die and to serve for this country. Two thousand three hundred Nevadan’s sons and daughters are currently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thirty-five of them have given their lives. 

“It doesn’t matter where you live…we all love our country, Governor Palin. We all love our country. Barack Obama puts his country first. I put my country first. These people put their country first.”

“Ladies and gentleman, Gov. Palin may have stepped back from some of the divisive rhetoric today, but the Republican campaign has stepped up its attacks that are just as divisive.” 

“You may have seen Harry Reid’s comments today. you may have heard about the scurrilous phone calls that are coming into homes in Nevada, and in New Mexico where I was, and in Virginia where I’m going that question Barack Obama’s character and by implication question his patriotism.”

“Let me tell you. They don’t hurt Barack Obama. They don’t hurt me. But they hurt the American people because they’re an attempt to distract you from the issues that matter to your daily lives.”

“Ladies and gentleman, Barack is a tough guy. He can take three more weeks of these attacks, but our country can’t take 4 more years of Bush/ McCain policies.”   


Soon after igniting this latest firestorm over who is and isn’t patriotic, Secession Sarah went on to qualify her remarks. It’s safe to assume that while speaking to her audience, Secession Sarah neglected to publicly chastise or apologize for the activities of her Todd-ry husband who was a registered member (1995-2002) of the Alaskan Secession group, AIP.

Oh, what a Toddry web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.



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