Photo: According to CNN’s rating system for its focus group, Senator Obama gets high marks from debate viewers during his closing remarks.

Republicans like to brag that their party respects a “culture of life.” I once had a Republican friend who from time to time liked using that line on me. My response to him: To conservatives, each fetus- once birthed-becomes a blight on society, as well as a financial liability.

That may have been too harsh a thing to say, but it successfully made my point that Republicans don’t like to spend much needed money on social programs, like well-baby care and Head Start. Because my friend never accepted my POV, we agreed to disagree on what “life” means. For non-conservatives, the Republican interpretation of “life” is an enigma.

That is true when you talk to any of them about the death penalty (specifically when the mentally challenged are involved) or about our society fighting a war, especially one that’ll kill brown people. When it comes to war -it seems even illegal ones- that “culture of life” thing takes on a laser-focused definition: Save American lives, to hell with everyone else.

Republicans are intoxicated by war.

War-thirsty Republicans fancy race wars (as evidenced by the type of hatred they’re inciting during their campaign rallies); Republicans cheer on the drug war (the CIA can run drugs into the US and allow the system to lock up drug users in need of rehabilitation, while funneling taxpayer dollars to Republican buddies who run privatized prisons); and Republicans salivate at the thought of wars that lead to building empire and exploitation of populations, gaming the system, once again, to funnel money to their buddies.

But, the necessary war- class war- that will prevent the middle class from further shrinking and prevent the nation’s wealthiest one per cent from owning every damn cent of this country… that war is a problem for them.

In the last debate between the presidential contenders, McSlimy accused Senator Obama of instigating a class war. “Class warfare” is a trigger term used for dumbed down Americans who don’t understand that unless they win the state lottery, they’ll never get the chance to (one day) be filthy rich enough to exploit others the way they’re now being exploited. These Americans may one day become filthy rich, though all odds say they won’t. Yet, they still balk at changing rules that will benefit their situation today.

These are the same Americans who confuse scary socialism with scary communism.

“Culture of life” to me means living… and not just barely.

I think for Republicans “Culture of life” means them living comfortably enough and long enough to suck up another buck on another day.

Greedy Effin Republican POS.

According to CNN and CBS results, Obama wins the debate against McSnortsAlot handily. 


J Gowasky

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