Video from Youtuber yrrmom. Dennis Kucinich on Democracy Now says the bailout as written is a “continuance of a transfer of wealth… upwards” adding “this is a very dangerous moment.”

Kucinich says that a former head of the FDIC told a group of congressmen yesterday that the “Bush Administration has been going around the last two weeks actually so tightening up on the practices of banks that they’re forcing them to have bigger reserves which forces them in a way… would kinda create, you know help to create the kind of tight money policies that we’re seeing, that we’re trying to alleviate with this bill. There needs to be a closer look at this…it seems to me there’s a possibility that this crisis has a little bit of manufacture to it…”

Kucinich says that congress has had no hearings on alternatives. He says we need to work on Plan B, to help Wall Street pay for its own problems via stock transfer tax and cancellation of dividends.

Speaker Pelosi from the House floor: “But it just comes down to one simple thing. They have described a precipice. We are on the brink of doing something that might pull us back from that precipice.” (emphasis mine)

So in effect, Wall Street gets $700+ billion from Americans that every economist agrees cripples our future goals, and in exchange we barter the future of generations of American children to come on a “might.”

Breathe, everyone.

For nearly a decade now, these (Bush) bad actors have successfully managed and terrified the American populace. If you’re terrified now, it’s because they want you to be… they’ve come back to us using their standard modus operandi (fear) for a coup de grace.

Let’s not help them. Let’s seize this moment and turn this crisis into an opportunity for change. The Orwellian thinking permeating our nation that a thing is either this or that, black or white doesn’t reflect a real world landscape where oftentimes there are a range of alternatives from which to choose.

This time let’s remain rational… let’s force our representatives to come up with a better thought out plan that benefits Americans and doesn’t target our progeny, condemning them to an Oliver Twist life in a country  “Third World, Only Shinier.”

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J Gowasky

2 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: ‘Why I Voted No On Bailout Bill’

  1. To “WalKnDude”

    That’s an awful big chip you’re carrying around. Last refuge of scoundrels: use of nasty words versus careful insight and thoughtful discussion.

    For recent examples, see: John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    For the less informed.
    From Websters:

    Main Entry:
    trai·tor Listen to the pronunciation of traitor
    Middle English traytour, from Anglo-French traitre, from Latin traditor, from tradere to hand over, deliver, betray, from trans-, tra- trans- + dare to give — more at date
    13th century

    1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty 2 : one who commits treason

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