You don’t have to be a genius to realize that there’s a massive shifting of wealth taking place in our country. If you haven’t heard there are protests all over the country over the bailout plans.

More money, more money, more money: For a long time I thought that the rich and bloated could not have enough and that there was some sort of wild game played amongst themselves of who could build the highest mound of cash. I still believe that. But, now however, there’s a flip side to that thinking, because I’ve come to understand that not only will they have more money, but we’ll have far less or maybe even no money at all.

This massive redistribution of wealth (from funds that Americans will have to borrow via China?) pretty much seals the deal for me as, already, international banks are lining up for their share of redistribution funds.

I’m no economist. Nor have I conversed with any. I’m just an ordinary citizen whose brain stores important information for later retrieval. While lots of people are focused on the here and now, I’m wondering how we got here and were we’re heading.

Here’s how we got here: After George Bush staked down his claim to the White House and all of what it meant to be our first “dictator,” his first meeting was with the business community where groundwork may have been laid to cut taxes. Whether the scheme was hatched then or later the tax rebate scheme would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy. It took effect in 2001 and was billed as helping the economy.

In early 2002, Bush began talking about “broader home ownership, especially among minorities” for those who previously could not afford them. This announcement came soon after the Senate and Congress began rewriting the bankruptcy code whereby distressed, bankruptcy-declared homeowners could no longer save their primary property. In 2005, a final industry-written bankruptcy bill was signed into law.

Plenty of Democrats, including my own senator, voted for that little piece of stink.

So we have several schemes in a span of just a few years: tax rebates that go mostly to the wealthy; the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq invasion with their accompanying patronage system that includes military privatization. Add to that mix, banking deregulation and a scheme to get more minorities into homes with the caveat of making home mortgages available to those who normally couldn’t afford them.

All these schemes were promoted as helping American taxpayers.

However, if the true goal is to make loads of money while impoverishing America, the scheme has to be widespread covering a number of institutions.

Is it mere coincidence that The Bush Family were deeply involved with the Savings and Loans scandal of the 80’s and 90’s? As was Sen. John McBush, who has a certain fondness for deregulating financial institutions. The similarities between the S&L Loan crisis to today’s banking and investment scandals are striking. The White House, with a slip of the tongue, revealed that they’ve had this bailout plan on paper for months. Oh really… how many months was that you say?

Here’s where we’re heading: The complexion of the American population is becoming browner, everybody. About the time we found that out American businesses had already begun shifting high paying jobs overseas to India, a country that has in place a tidy, though sl-o-o-wly evolving little known or talked about caste system that pretty much keeps everyone in their respective place. An aspect of the caste system operates by virtue of birth, placing darker-skinned aboriginal peoples of India on a lower socio-economic rung than the Aryan invaders, turned rulers and others.

By 2042, America’s white majority will no longer exist. I lay odds that it’ll happen sooner than that. Look at present day state demos.

Economists are saying that this $700+ billion transfer of American wealth from taxpayers will effect generations to come. If that’s the case, they’re talking about it impacting a mostly brown population and probably, by then, a much poorer white population. However, today’s wealth transfer ensures that future generations of the majority brown population will be horribly indebted.

I think a highly educated, militarily strong, wealthy browner-skinned America is anathema to those people who pull the world’s economic strings.

This whole Wall Street mess reminds me of the negotiated downfall of the apartheid South African government. Before the ANC took power certain economic structural controls were put in place. These controls are now so entrenched that anytime the post-apartheid leadership breathes a hint of economic equality for the majority population, the business community steps in threatening economic retaliation. For all their years of fighting, the majority population fares no better under black power.

A couple of years prior to relinquishing control, the South African nuclear weapons and ballistics program, initiated with Israel’s help, was dismantled by then President de Klerk… “they” couldn’t fathom having a black nation controlling nukes. In America, In addition to destroying the economy, Bush has successfully broken the military and has begun privatizing soldiers. Wonder what excuse they’ll give for depleting the nation’s vast arsenal of weapons?

Here’s a little duzy of a quote found on the web that is indicative of a certain mindset re: people of color having wealth and power:

“People think Apartheid was about social repression based on racialism. Nope. Those were tools. Reality was, Apartheid in South Africa and Zimbabwe was about economics. It set up a system where a small oligarchy united by racialism could maximize “rent seeking behavior“ against the majority. It was about “anti-market sustainable wealth transfer”.

“So after ‘white majority rule, ended in Zimbabwe” white elites said, “well we dug this hole for you, and we used the dirt to build up our platform. Out of the goodness of our heart we are now going to take our foot off your head, you climb out and up to our level by yourself.

“See, that is fair and free. Everyone is equal. LOL”

The real sad fact about the entire African continent is that it abounds in natural resources demanded by the rest of the world, yet because of oppressive economic forces and easily manipulated leaders, its original peoples remain mired in turmoil and poverty.

However, even with access to the wiles of technology, the white power structure has little power to control stampeding forces of nature. And along with a continuance of widespread economic oppression will grow leaders much like Hugo Chavez, who instinctively revolt against minority rule and oppression.

There are a very few people who enjoy controlling our economic destinies. They have that power only because we’ve surrendered ours to them.

J Gowasky


2 thoughts on “Resourceful Neglect: What’s Really Going On In America

  1. im a brown skinned american who first arrived at 2 years old. since then i myself realize the truth about what’s going on in this country. its like a big game of monopoly and we’re the pieces.
    Hopefully with a good education i could make it to were i dont have to worry about money. If that doesnt work for anyone maybe some of us should migrate america after obtaining knowledge that could be used to make a better living in another country.

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