Senator Obama Says Debate Can Go On: “We Can Deal With More Than One Thing At Once.”

What is this? Sen. McLosingBadly reads the latest poll, sees that he’s 9 points behind Senator Obama and wants to call a timeout? WTF.

We hope the debate is not canceled. Ole Miss says it’s still on. Can’t wait to see the first time the camera takes to his empty chair after that first question is directed to McLosingBadly.

First, McAmericanLaughingStock let’s Karl Rove select his running mate and then he hides behind same said skirt, afraid to campaign without her for fear of too few people showing up.

Is this McStmblesAlot’s way of convincing the American public how courageous a war hero he is?

We think not. This ploy to delay the debate and try to regain lost ground is so obviously transparent.

Obama says the debate should take place Friday as planned: “It’s my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess.”

Also, apparently Obama called McCain this morning about issuing a joint statement on the proposed bailout and McCain was to get back to Obama. McCain instead publicly challenged Obama to suspend his campaign.

Obama Team releases debate history to media: Example: 1960 DEBATES
Sep 26, 1960
Soviets announce ready to put first astronaut into space
Oct 7, 1960
Cuba accuses US of links to invasion
Pentagon curbs spending in light of trade imbalance
Oct 13, 1960
Bomb injures 33 in Times Square in 3rd explosion in 11 days
US embargo on Cuba announced
Oct 21, 1960
Gold price problems in world markets

More debate history here.


Try Alternative Media For a Change:



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