The Pentagon puts a memorial in place before one exists in New York. That says a lot about the not so subtle continuing militarization of this country. Our feelings of loss and trauma on this day are first attached to the Pentagon and endless war.

The NYC memorial lingers on incomplete. A completed memorial in New York would allow Americans to have much needed closure and seek perspective. Closure and perspective are not part of the game plan.

A report says that post-September 11, 70,000 Americans suffer from post traumatic stress symptoms. Who wants to bet that that number is way higher?

Pre-September 11, 2001 George Bush’s approval numbers were tanking. There were predictions of his being a one-termer. To top it off, Congress had just approved that awful bankruptcy bill written by industry insiders that so many Americans suffer under today.

Post-September 11, 2001, Bush’s approval rating hit 90% after he standing on a pile of rubble with a bullhorn. Americans had their Dear Leader.

Each successive September 11, the population is traumatized all over again with solemn ceremonies and repetition of that day’s events which, by the way, affected peoples from other nations as well.

Will our emotions forever be held hostage, manipulated by those who would call themselves American?


Alternative Media: (If you don’t see your favorite media listed, please let HAN know. We want to grow the list)


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