Highlights From Inside The W.A.R. Room 

The W.A.R. Party Had A Big-Ass American Flag!

Q: Just How Big Was It?

A: Not Nearly Big Enough To Cover Their War Crimes. But, The W.A.R. Party-Goers Had Fun Anyway!

First, There Were Raucous Scenes From The W.A.R. Floor As Vitality In The W.A.R. Room Was Evident Everywhere. The Red In This Photo Reminds Us That Sarah Enjoys Blood. Yum…

Then Came The Usual Round Of Token Speeches and Announcements.

At One Time They Pranced Out Their Dear Ladies… Eyes Glazing Brightly.

After Dear Ladies Spoke It Was Really Late… Time For Gramps To Wrap Things Up And Send Everybody Home To Bed.

Oh, Wait… Sorry…. This Guy Did That. Oh, By The Way, Don’t Let The Blue Background Fool You. He’s No Democrat. He Does W.A.R. Propaganda.

Last Came W.A.R.’s Great Leader. His Soylent Green Backdrop Reminds Americans The Direction Endless W.A.R. Can Take Us.

Now That W.A.R.’s Party Has Concluded, Americans Need To Just Mull Every Thing Over!

National Enquirer: The Only Magazine Daring To Ask Impertinent Questions…?

Many thanks to RNC for photo use.


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