I don’t like to frighten people, I like to inform people… if I’m able. Information that some find helpful others find frightening. I never advocate fear. It leads to irrationality and bad decisions. If you’re spooked easily you may want to consider whether or not to proceed. I encourage readers who are easily spooked to not be. I encourage everyone to to grasp the enormity of the seriousness of our situation in America and think of the urgency of being proactive and not reactive.

I left out major parts of my post “John McCain’s Soylent Green Backdrop” and should not have. In leaving out this part of the post I omitted an opportunity at making present day American life comparisons with those presented in the movie “Soylent Green.” To some, the comparison may be unsettling. To others, sheer nonsense.

Movie synopsis/spoilers: “Soylent Green” is set in NYC, population 40 million. We don’t know why but, there is no access to wild, sprawling lands. We don’t even know if such a thing exists anymore. To say year 2022 NYC’s overcrowded is an understatement.

There are at least three social classes: mercilessly and desperately impoverished; workers, having microscopically more than the non-working; and the rich. By far, the desperately impoverished make up the majority class. The only food available to the masses comes in the form of red, yellow and green “food” squares tossed out at random times. No one, except for the rich, buys fresh food, meat or produce.

Inhabitants of this world are shown standing, sitting and sleeping in clusters everywhere… even on the stairs and landings leading to ridiculously cramped apartments, if you’re lucky enough to have a job. The workers appear to be employed by the Corporation/State. There are assassins, police, truck drivers, “food” producers and those working in the suicide clinic to name a few positions.

Female inhabitants are literal pieces of furniture. They’re bought/sold with luxury apartments that are owned by the rich who live behind impenetrable walls.

In one scene an inhabitant wears priestly garbs. This male is just as helpless and lifeless and miserable as other inhabitants crowding the church. As with every place in NYC, it’s normal for inhabitants who, when unable to fit inside the medium-sized, but impossibly overcrowded church, to simply and haplessly spill through its doorway and down the steps… totally unaware of their long ago God-given birthright to human dignity.

The dispassionate demeanor Soylent Green inhabitants display for their own floundering circumstance has been instigated by an insidious, out of control human force that brutally demonstrates its sole ownership of and rule over all breathing creatures in existence, human or animal. Soylent Green inhabitants have not the slightest sense of past, nor do they long for or wait for a better future. The umbilical cord connecting them to their hopes and dreams is completely severed.

The occupants exist in an irrevocable abyss of Now

Perhaps at one time during Soylent Green’s distant past, hope for a better life was demeaned and ridiculed by the Corporate power structure.

Instead, maybe Corporate/State identified a state terrorist and mounted endless wars in search of that terrorist.

Maybe the Corporate/State stopped funding education appropriately and the drop out rate grew astronomically. People became woefully uneducated, lost the ability to think for themselves and fell victim to a corrupt power structure.

Maybe the Corporate/State took control (at least in the beginning) of all but a very few local and national media outlets, changing media from a public service tool into a profit driven industry having two edicts: propagandize the corporate message of war & terrorism and turn hefty profits.

Maybe the Corporate/State shipped (in the beginning) blue collar jobs overseas before sending the better paying jobs leaving behind in Soylent Green a shrinking middle class, until none existed at all.

Maybe Corporate/State bequeathed the children of the empire an insurmountable debt that taxed and strangled the citizens into oblivion.

Maybe (once), there was a glimmer of hope. The people had before them an opportunity to pick a peaceful, brighter, more prosperous future for themselves and their family. But, maybe the population after countless years of being inundated with blood and death and despair, were now appropriately inoculated against any counter offensive vs Corporate/State. Maybe for far too many people a bloodlust took root inside their minds, strategically attaching itself to a selfish, unyielding call for nationalism, shrewdly disguised as patriotism.

For some others maybe fatigue or disappointment or every day distractions made it too late to hope.

Fait accompli.


Some of us need to remove our rose-colored “America is number one” glasses. And fast. Our regressive domestic and foreign policies make our claim to a number one status pure lunacy.

And if we don’t put a stop to this not so new (now at least 8 years old) brand of conservatism- Neo-conservatism- ..their inhumane policies will continue, perhaps increasing the probability of some version of “Soylent Green” in our future.

This Neo-conservatism is religious cultism. It has bullied away countless followers of the more balanced ideology of conservatism. “Left Behind” then are members who have blind devotion and abiding loyalty to their leader(s). Demagoguery replaces rational thought.

Neo conservatism agenda is depleting our education system. Many of our children are in failing schools. Too many American schools lose accreditation. In addition the long-standing practice of “teaching to the test” is eroding the ability of citizens to think critically. In some schools science is taking a backseat to creationism.

This Neo-conservatism has placed Americans in the midst of the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression. Do you ever wonder what happens to those who lose property? Do they rent an apartment? Move in with relatives? Check this out here and here.

This Neo-conservatism that first started shipping blue collar jobs overseas is currently sending white collar jobs there. The official unemployment rate is 6.1. That number doesn’t count all Americans not working, who want to work. The real unemployment figure is guesstimated to be somewhere between 10 and 15%.

Food prices are are skyrocketing. More and more people are going hungry. Our nations is in hock up to the heavens.

Oh… have I mentioned that Neo-con’s are engaging a new and ongoing forceful attack demeaning community organizers… who are often the lifeline for people who’ve lost or are in danger of losing every material possession?

“Soylent Green” doesn’t document how the culture collapses. Nor does it mention what’s happening at the same time with the rest of the world. Have other cultures collapsed as well or did America alone crumble? We don’t know.


America is being systematically and intentionally weakened. Your question may be why. I have my own theories which HAN may decide to publish sometime down the road. If we do decide to publish, it’ll post sooner rather than later.

Was the McCain-Palin campaign telegraphing a message of poverty and despair to their wealthy, Corporate sponsors? I don’t know. I don’t like conspiracy theories without factual evidence.

And I have only instinct and conjecture: McCain’s staging that night- which media chatterlings made muchado about – on the surface was plain silly. I won’t dwell on it anymore beyond this post. But, that a well-oiled machine was showing idiotic scenes behind him during what could possibly be his last major speech before a large audience is- quite frankly- baffling.

Conspiracy stuff aside, what’s really crucial is keeping Neo-cons away from the White House… for the immediate and foreseeable future.

These Neo-cons are dangerous and are playing for keeps. And so should Progressives, Liberals disaffected Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and anybody else not named, but who can sense the ferocity of the Neo-con agenda.

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J Gowasky

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