In 1973’s Movie “Soylent Green,” Sol ‘Suicided’ Watching Scenes Like This One Behind McCain


It was creepy watching really old dude John McCain standing in front of a projected scene of crops blowing in the wind. It was like watching the suicide scene straight out of futuristic movie, “Soylent Green.”

In the movie, real old dude Sol (Edward G. Robinson), represents a connection to the past. He carries fresh memories of bygone days when human population was low, when land was plentiful and when fruit and food were easy to buy.

Sol, who’s had enough of the cruel and barbaric life that civilization has devolved into, signs an agreement to be suicided.

Inside the suicide clinic, an Orderly takes Sol into a room where he’s placed on a comfy bed. He’s given his suicide pill then watches a nature film, of his own choosing. Sol smiles as he sees long ago familiar scenes of wildlife, babbling brooks and fields and fields of flowers blowing in the wind, much like the scene behind McCain.

Sol dies with his smile frozen on his face.



Have Republicans lost their minds? (Of course, they have).

Why on earth have Republicans decided to go after community organizations as a way of devaluing Senator Obama’s experience? Just Why?

Are Republicans so out of touch with this bad economy they’ve engineered?

Have they completely missed reading stories of the newly poor in this country? These “newly poor” families used to be middle-class. For some of these families, community organizations- like the ones Republicans mock- are what stands between them and starvation.

Republicanism=Sordid thinkers.


Question: How Big Was The Projected American Flag Waving Behind McCain?

Answer: Not Nearly Big Enough To Cover Up All Republican War Crimes During The Last 8 Years.


J Gowasky

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