Are Hockey Moms Grown In Hell?

What does it say about a person who jokes that lipstick is the only difference between herself and a pit bull… a dog known from multiple news reports for being unrelenting, uncontrollable and a deadly killer of children and people…?

I’m not sure. But, it doesn’t sound good for the small children or people who get in her way while she’s in a frenzy

However, it was a line carelessly tossed out last night by Governor Palin. “Red meat for the base,” claim the news reports heard on the progressive radio station I listen to. I think the Republicans/media are emphasizing the red meat line as a way of showcasing the governor’s wit and ferocity.

Sorry, it’s not funny and I’m not biting.  Her comparison is indecent, her remarks offensive. I’ve had it up to the nether regions with eight years of “red meat” in the way of human blood, gore and guts.

Republicans want to convince Americans that we are all about blood and gore and guts, because that’s exactly what they’re presenting to us… more “leaders” who’ll go on blood-seeking missions, tearing the head off any effin’ body gettin’ in their effin’ bloody way.

Only this time we’ll be led by “bomb, bomb, bomb” McPow and his new ass-kicking, name-taking side-kick, Red Meat-Seeking Sarah.

But, are they correct? Is this the kind of stuff some Americans need to feel safe or to boost their esteem in a growing world inhabited by us and those scary ‘others’?

Palin in her speech text states that our opponents have to cry ‘uncle’ before we can move on. I’ve played that game often enough to know that the tide can turn when you think you’ve got the upper hand. Playing ‘uncle’ or as she calls it, claiming “victory” can go on and on with you and your opponent changing the ‘uncle’ position.

Are we prepared to go on endless bloody rampages anywhere and anytime we want… sacrificing our babies to an ever changing cause for ever changing reasons in ever changing regions? 

I have a good friend living in Europe. In fact, this friend is a European. The reaction I get from our conversations about the situation here ranges from disbelief to pity. Europeans, as does the rest of the world, know our early stories of glory and heroism. They are waiting for us to wake up and reclaim our history.

Can we admit that we were wrong, made mistakes and move off into a better, more positive direction?

We used to be the world’s beacon. Have we dug such a deep hole for ourselves that we’ll never see daylight, let alone the limelight, again? I don’t know those answers. A hole tears through my stomach even thinking about it.

Beacons or Bombs? You get to choose which ones we’ll send to a waiting world.

Governor Sarah’s speech text. I won’t watch their convention, ’cause the stench from their “jokes” of rotting animal flesh oozes through the tube. Their filthy, obscene minds stink up my home.

The text can be found here at the Huffington Post.

Speech HIghlights

  • Sara’s a hockey Mom and, oh a PTA mom. (The quality of her *motherhood is open to debate)
  • Politics is a game. (Not for those of us who suffer terribly from selfish and just plain bad policy decisions)
  • She’s a reformer. **(She’s got so much shit brewing in Alaska that it’s stinkin’ up the lower 48)
  • Victory in Iraq. (No mention of how) 
  • Terrorist states. (Didn’t say who we’re supposed to be afeered of now, perhaps, Iran AND Russia)
  • Al Qaeda terrorists. (Speaks for itself, I hope)
  • Alaskan oil drilling. (Invasion of pristine area for minimal return; a few years even before benefits are realized)
  • She tells countless lies about Senator Obama’s policies.
  • Sen McNuts is an upright and honorable man. (She neglected to mention his dangerous lobbyist ties and K5)


What’s the difference between **hockey mom Sarah and a pit bull?

I don’t know, but I’m guessing that the pit bull smells better.

*The media are looking into her background.


J Gowasky

2 thoughts on “‘Hockey Mom From Hell’: You Sending Beacons Or Bombs To The World?

  1. This picture of Palin with this dead moose needs to be shared with the world.

    When I first saw this picture of Palin with this dead
    moose I felt so sick. In fact, this picture looks like it’s not even dead yet. It looks like it’s trying to get up.

    This is a metaphor that describes who Palin REALLY is. It’s un-speakable what she did to that poor defenseless animal.

    ALSO, she supports killing defenseless wolves via helicopter. Look it up, all the info is right there.

    This picture of this poor dying moose-
    SARAH PALIN you have blood on your hands. You are disgusting, you are NOT what you pretend to be. You are NOT.

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