I had a few thoughts last night while watching the convention. First, my eyes glazed over from watching so many old, white faces gathered together. Those old, white grinning faces represent the face of the Republican Party. The delegates cheered, giggled and clapped while Obama’s experience was dismissed and/or diminished by the speakers.

How familiar the whole scene was… the dissing of black accomplishments by white Americans, unless of course, the black person is bouncing a basketball in one hand.

I thought about how easy it was for the Republican Party to pull off the whole dissin’ thing, ’cause whites don’t know and, some probably care little, about black history. Republicans, especially.

Obama is black. Who cares what he’s done? Isn’t that right Republicans?

Then I thought about how Blacks, more or less en masse, have good reasons for not supporting the Republican Party.

Ever heard of Estevanico, or Jan Ernest Matzeliger or Toussaint L’ Ouverture? No? They are only three of many black men who’ve made significant contributions to our world. Their stories are found within the pages of anthropologist and historian J.A. Rogers’ book, “World’s Great Men Of Color.”

Estevanico (d. 1540) was “one of in a party of the first three to cross the North American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific. At least two American states owe their beginnings to him,” wrote Rogers.

*Jan Ernest Matzeliger (1852-1889) invented a machine that sped up shoe production by attaching the sole of the shoe to the upper. Wrote Rogers, “One of the special merits of the invention was that the pincers for pulling the upper were positively closed by a smooth movement and did not tear even the most delicate leather.”

Toussaint L’ Ouverture (1743-1803) led an army of Haitian slaves in a revolt that freed them from French oppression and brutality during the reign of Napoleon.

Little, if any, attention is paid to these or quite frankly many black historical heroes. History as it’s presented today by Europeans is mum on them. That’s actually to be expected by a culture that has systematically lied, short-circuited, cut-off, denied or ignored the contributions of other cultures to our world community.

History is always written by conquerers. To the victor go the spoils. Those victors for hundreds of years now have been European. Part of those spoils includes recording history.  And history has been written to honor the conquerors, to quell dissent of a conquered population or to justify conquests and probably for many other reasons too.

History is written as it happens. History is also re-written as it happens. 

The Republican ploy is to turn Barack Obama, whose own history is proud and full of excellence, into some sort of commie, coke-snorting, muslim terrorist fist throwing marxist. And the ploy is working in those circles that have never been told that great black men and women have made significant contributions to their lives. Or, if told, they can never believe such a thing to be true. 

Republicans show much contempt for history and for black people by degrading Obama because it reminds blacks that they have, for the most part, been belittled since arriving to the shores of America. Republican tactics like this one reminds blacks that Europeans have always attempted to wipe out or silence the accomplishments of black culture as well as those achievements of other brown cultures.

I know full that they are playing “hardball” politics… but, “politics as usual” is what black people are all too familiar with in this country called America.

Republicans would never demean the history of another highly-esteemed “white” man the way they are demeaning the history of Obama.

The Republican ploy is stupid and is short-term thinking… ’cause Republicans, you are running out of old, white folk.

*I was looking for a free scholarly site for more information on great black achievements. Running late on time I settled for this one. It’s for children, but will give interested readers a good place to start research. 

**HIstory has turned black heroes -using their one drop of black blood rule- fully white, which is what some blacks expect to happen should an elected Obama have a more than successful presidency.



J Gowasky


5 thoughts on “The White People’s Party Is Falling Over The Cliff

  1. Thank you for this piece, very true.

    I am multi-cultural and tried to watch the Republican Convention with an open mind.
    But it was very hard to. As you mention, all I saw was a bunch of white people- mostly old. Now I have nothing against old white people, but that was practically the entire convention.
    Then, I kept hearing chants of “USA, USA.” Again, nothing wrong with that, but unfortunately, the manner this was chanted in felt so…..KKK.
    All you see were people wearing cowboy hats with business suits (whatever that’s supposed to mean)

    Republicans talk about the ridiculousness of being “politically correct.”

    Excuse me, but being multi-cultural is my life, I don’t consider it being “politically-correct.” According to them, my because I’m multi-cultural my very birth is politically correct. It’s just the height of racism. Of course some whites don’t get the whole politically correct thing- they’ve never experienced any kind of discrimination, they’ve never been racially insulted, how could they possibly understand? Oh I don’t know, maybe—- empathy? Oh my bad, that doesn’t exist within the
    Republican Party, silly me. Or maybe they don’t know what the word empathy means because they are not a member of the Washington “Elite” If that attack is not the dumbing down of America I don’t know what is. Now it’s not Republican to be educated, God forbid one has intelligence, God forbid.

    If someone calls a person of color a derogatory name, and someone corrects them, is this what Republicans refer to being “politically correct?”

    They are becoming more the party of NO values, NO principles, basically NOTHING.
    I have been completely confused by what they stand for. First they said they stood for change (how many speakers did you hear at the RNC stating this?) Sorry, but Obama took that one already, try something else. Guiliani took a swipe about the Dems needing more than just hope. Yet the next speaker said that they DID need hope.

    As a party, they can’t even figure out what they stand for, why? Because they stand for nothing, and they stand for everything. Whatever is politically expedient at the moment, whatever cheap thrill they can use to get ignorant votes.

    Oh, by the way, to Mitt Romney- he questioned political correctness with this quote, “What’s wrong with the word Islamic terrorism?”

    Come on Mitt, don’t tell me your that dumb of a Mormon (woops, is this politically correct? Oh I forgot, IT DOESN’T MATTER)

    What’s wrong with the word Islamic terrorism is the word “Islamic.” That offends a religion- remember, freedom of religion? What our country was founded on? As a Mormon you wouldn’t know anything about that would you? Mitt, I have two words for you:

    Mormon Polygamy.

    Does that bother you at all? What, that’s not very nice of me to say? Oh come on Mitt, STOP BEING SO POLITICALLY CORRECT.

    You can just use the word terrorism, but then again folks from around the world might be confused, because sometimes U.S. foreign policy looks exactly like that.

    Bottom line- Republicans don’t like Obama because he looks DIFFERENT. That’s it, it’s plain racism, no doubt about it.

    I have tried so hard to be more open about this, I had a discussion recently with an acquaintance that I realized was anti-Obama (I had no idea) and she basically said she didn’t trust him because he was foreign. I tried to educate her about diversity, but if the Republicans don’t get it by now, the year 2008, I don’t think there’s hope for them.

    The only way they’ll GET IT is when Obama becomes President. Then they’ll get it really quickly.

  2. What a bunch of propoganda. Keep blaming the white man. Too bad for you that many white evangelico’s voted for Obama! Your analysis in and of itself shows your disgusting dispicable racism. Thats all okay, go back to flipping burgers and spewing out hate. There’s a reason people full of hate like you can get now where in life.

    Peace out BRO.

  3. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  4. Hello !! 🙂
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you:)
    Your Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

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