The ‘Sarah is not the real mother’ rumor had HAN guffawing all the weekend!

The rumor was ignited by what seemed to be a rather ridiculous story of events as provided by Palin. While in Texas for a conference, Palin pregnant and leaking amniotic fluid, gave a 30 minute speech before hopping aboard a plane for a flight back to Alaska… via Seattle. After reaching Alaska she drove past a larger, better equipped hospital, choosing, instead, to drive to a smaller hospital some 45 minutes away.

Her doctor, who is a family doctor and not an OB, induced delivery. Three days later, Lady Govinator was back on the job.

The theory is that Palin was not in pre-delivery distress and was not, in fact, preggo. The theory goes that Palin needed to get back home in a hurry so that she could be at her daughter’s side when the baby was delivered.

Today, to short-circuit that rumor, the McOops/Palin Campaign decided to take the heat off Candidate Palin by “tossing the kid under the bus” with their announcement that Bristol is pregnant and therefore, (nah, nah, nah, nah!) could not be Trig’s mom.


Dearest Mommy?

Dearest Mommy?

Palin was introduced to the nation as a tough gamer and hunter. But, is she really? This perverse move may take Mommie Bunyan out of the fire, but it tosses Child Bristol into the proverbial frying pan. 

These Republican Masters Of Manipulation couldn’t have found a better, more dignified time or way of announcing that Bristol, age 17?, had premarital sex more than likely against her fundie mom’s wishes and got pregnant? 

Maybe the governor is bear skin tough, apparently she’s not tough enough for the game of politics.


HAN couldn’t help but tiptoe over to the conservative blogs to witness them falling all over themselves pretending how ‘out of wedlock babies are no big deal’ and after all ‘she’s getting married…soon!’  They also added how ‘Obama’s smoked weed.’ A few are wanting to start plans for a Bristol baby shower suggesting that the RNC be its headquarters. (HAN can tell those posters know nothing about politics). They tossed in a few reminders of how ‘progressives are supposed to be caring people’… that translates into ‘progressives ought not talk about this.’ Yeah, right!

HAN agrees that there’s nothing wrong with having babies out of wed-lock. We think many, if not most, progressives know this. Sex is a natural act. Sometimes we have babies when we just want intimacy or fun.

What IS wrong is when well-meaning, albeit fearful people push a policy of ignorance and abstinence over one of information and birth control… which the fundies are all too proud of doing.

All the best to Bristol, her fiance and their growing family.

* While preparing this post, HAN learned that this story may not be over… not just yet. 


Georgia Admits To Dropping Cluster Bombs

Georgia has admitted to dropping cluster bombs on break away province South Ossetia.  Human Rights Watch in a story dated August 15, 2008 cited Russia as having dropped cluster bombs in populated areas of Georgia. The Georgia cluster bombs are said to US made. HAN is looking for citation now. 


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