WAS IT ALL A SET-UP!!!!! In hindsight, it seems too crafty not to have been,

HAN thinks Republican stooges are crapping big ones in their pants after realizing the entire lead up to the Democratic Convention was a giant HEAD FAKE!

Ha Ha Ha!

What else could we expect from the most masterful strategical minds of our time: Team Clinton-Obama?!

Team Clinton-Obama, using the Republican’s talking points, turned them to their advantage. Starting with HIllary Clinton’s speech, Team Clinton-Obama began to build the tension of the convention. Hillary’s speech was excellent, but she didn’t quite say BO was ready, came the reverberations from the media echo chamber.

Republicans jumped into the fray (as they had to) by launching even more talking points: The right words weren’t being said by the Clintons. The Republicans filled the airwaves with ads featuring Hillary saying heated words about BO from the campaign trail.

Ha, Ha, Ha

The media responded as only they could. They took the bait, ratcheting up the spin; the possible animosity between the two camps was too much to resist. The media speculated and worried: Will Bill say the magic words about Obama?

Tired of guessing, the media sent for their “expert” body language readers. What was HIllary thinking while she was speaking, the media asked? The experts’ verdict: Hillary had not made enough gestures with her arms while speaking. HIllary was being insincere. 

The media gratified to have had their mind readers verify their story line continued it, unashamed and unabated.

Whoresspondents are always more interested in muttering Republican talking points before the uttering the truth. 

Ha, Ha, Ha

Meanwhile, the Clinton surrogates were sent out to stir up the media even further with still more hints of displeasure with Obama. James Carville was sighted wearing PUMA’s at the convention. Other surrogates were saying that Bill and Barack had much, much tension between them. 

Word that President Clinton was going to talk about the economy on national security speech night made for even more controversy. Obama made everyone nervous when he stumbled over his words while trying to explain that it was okay for Clinton to speak on the economy on national security night… was his seeming nervous response hinting at even more friction between the two

President Clinton himself was muttering something to a reporter about Candidate X and Candidate Y, shying away from questions pertaining to his “real feelings” about Obama.

Ha, Ha, Ha

The plan was in place.

During their 6:30p broadcasts, the major networks tuned to Hillary’s nomination of Obama for president. The networks probably would have tuned into this historical process anyway, but HIllary giving the Obama nomination a nod gave the story extra juice.

Obama’s nomination dissolved into a hazy series of speeches as anticipation of the Big Dawg’s appearance grew to a nervous crescendo. The excitement on the floor was palpable even through the view of a dusy teevee screen.  The media slipped in one last Republican talking point before Clinton took the stage: Bill Clinton was afraid of being booed. 

“This is a Democratic audience,” one whoreespondent responded obviously not taking the Republican bait.

When President Clinton took the stage, finally speaking he said the exact words the audience and the world were itching to hear: “Barack Obama is ready to be president of the United States.”

Hearing those words, with no other logical way to react after such a frenetic build up, the crowd flew into a tizzy. The media flew into a tizzy. The baton had been passed from one generation to the next.

Kumbaya, everybody.

Well, not for everyone. The Republicans stunned by the perfection of Clinton’s words groaned and put their heads together to map out a new strategy for their campaign. Not to be outdone, they relay their strategy to the media: McCain will announce his VP pick on Obama’s big night. 

*The media pauses momentarily from lauding Clinton’s speech to pass on the Republican’s new talking points. But, the world can’t hear what’s being said through the din of the DNC crowd. So the media, giving up, continue their high praise of Clinton’s speech.

Ha, Ha, Ha

(Not only is Obama’s speech, being given before an audience of some 70,000 spectators, the venue is reminiscent of John F. Kennedy’s speech before a similarly-sized audience, the first ever of its kind. Too, Obama’s speech is on the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech.”

Obama’s speech is historical and generational and is viewed by most people as a fulfillment of King’s dream). 

HAN supposes the Republicans are trying to answer a long ago philsophical question: If a tree falls in the forest… Well, you get the idea.

Ha, Ha, Ha

As Jack Cafferty might say, “you can’t make this stuff up, folks.”

Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If HAN’s assessment of events is correct, we have three of the best political minds of all time racing for the White House. Hold on tight Democrats and Progressives…we are in for a wild ride!

Damn… This is an exciting time!

*edit to add





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