Hillary Clinton and Chelsea… a great pair!

Hillary hit it out of the ball park last night with her DNC speech. HAN was laughing and shouting at the teevee (tuned to PBS: it’s free, no commercials, no whoresspondents, no bloviators, GREAT COVERAGE!) as Hillary tossed one great line after another.  HAN even picked up a hankie once or twice while listening.

HAN wishes HIllary had taken back some of the awful things she said about Barack on the campaign trail… giving her supporters a fuller rationale for backing him while debunking Republican talking points. However, If the speech serves to bring her frustrated supporters in line… then HAN is pleased.

HAN is hoping that by Thursday evening the Democrats will have a kick-ass united party and can do some serious damage to the Rightwing agenda. 


HAN’s heard that certain whorresspondents are chiding Hillary for not endorsing Barack Obama as Commander-In-Chief.

Well, DUH.

In AMERICA… we don’t elect commander- in-chiefs. WE ELECT PRESIDENTS. We’re very close to being a military state, though we’re not there, yet.

Calm down, boys.


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