Hillary Clinton is saying all the right things now— ‘cept for last Thursday when she called BO “her opponent” or on Monday when she said that she’s releasing her delegates to vote for Obama, ‘cept that who they vote for is their “personal choice,”  

Her surrogates, on the other hand, are off the reserva-… well, they are off message, a bit.

Just this morning, Hill supporters Dee Dee Myers and Terry McAuliffe said that ‘nobody tells Bill what to talk about.’ Myers and McAuliffe were talking about President Clinton’s Wednesday night speech on the economy on what is being billed as national security night.  

And the other day, Paul Begala complained, while flashing his trademark uncanny grin, that *Hillary was not on Obama’s short list and that Bill wasn’t consulted about who should be VP. Yikes. Hill supporters are in agreement that Team Obama has not been “gracious” enough

Anyhow, there’s growing consensus that Hill and Bill will hit the right notes during their speeches tonight and Wednesday.

Friends of HAN are not so sure, though.

“The Clintons are working it like Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” The Friends said. ” Biden does the rough stuff… Obama stays above the fray.”

“‘Clean,’ as Biden might say,” The Friends added.

HAN was stunned by The Friends’ pessimism.

“And,” The Friends continued breathlessly, “You hear her saying all the right stuff about Obama, leaving her surrogates tossing mud. The Clintons are masters of this political stuff,” The Friends insisted.  

So The Friends of HAN said that they are holding their collective breath until after the roll call vote on Thursday evening. They are just not so sure that the nomination is in the bag for Obama. Not yet.

“Do you know what you are implying?” HAN asked The Friends.

“Yes,” they responded. “We’re implying that the Clintons have signed a suicide pact. No Obama presidency 2008, no 2012 presidency for Hill.”

After listening to The Friends, HAN recalled the primary math that early on would keep Hillary from winning the nomination, though HIllary and her surrogates kept spinning the facts, falsely lifting hopes, sending her supporters’ emotions into a frenzy.

Then HAN thought about Hillary’s “18 million voters” count that excludes Barack’s caucus wins as “unfair”.

Finally, HAN recalled that earlier on during the primaries Hillary said that delegates are free to vote as they please.

“Hmmmm….. Maybe it’s not over ’til it’s over,” HAN told The Friends, before inhaling deeply.

Oh, HIll.

*edit to add



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