HAN was told that some freaky “news” whoresspondent this morning called Michelle Obama “rich” and “out of touch” because she makes a six-figure salary. Maybe the whoresspondent meant Michelle makes more money than most blacks and is out of touch with most blacks……. Nah, don’t think so. 

The whoresspondent obviously overlooked McSame’s threshold for rich being “$5 million.” (A friend of HAN says the whorresspondent was reading from this morning’s Republican talking points). 

If earning six figures is rich, McSame’s wife is stupid rich. Can’t wait to hear how the whoresspondents describe the “at least $100 million” wealth of Mrs. Cindy McSame.


Can progressives pleeeease stop emphasizing so much these “polls” of supposed “supporters” of Hillary Clinton?

Do we honestly know that all those polled are actual supporters? 


Speaking of disgruntled Democrats possibly voting for a McSameRegime, there’s a great article here about how easy it is for facism to take hold in America because the majority population have grown accustomed to their little goodies in the way of privilege and will do just about anything, like embracing fascismto uphold a system that grants them favors.

Puuuh….The author has got to be kidding, of course. No one, especially politically conscious Democrats, would exchange real freedom for a chance at grabbing at some *bennies from a unequal & unjust American system.

(Gulp) Would they?


So far as Blacks, Mexicans and Democrats leaving America, it ain’t going to happen. Okay. Deal. With. It. Before or at least by 2042 the nation’s demographics will make a dramatic shift.

The year 2042 is a little more than 30 years from now. What kind of world do we want to leave our babies? What kind of world will we leave our babies


So far as the paranoia (the unhealthy kind) that’s awash in some of the loftier (and even less lofty) sections of American society that Blacks will gain some sort of mystical power thereby allowing them to overthrow the government enslaving whites with an Obama win, HAN has already demonstrated here how blacks (some having deeper roots in this country than some Whites) do not have a history of upsetting the apple cart in America, ‘sides tearing up their own neighborhoods.

Are some whites holding on to some deep sort of psychological guilt about something or ‘nother if they think that some awful “day of reckoning” is at hand? 

It may surprise some people, but black people love America, too

Get. A. Grip. And. Hold. Tight. To. It.



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