During his conversations with the presidential candidates, evangelical guru Warren posed a series of questions re: evil: does it exist, if it does, should we deal with it and how? Some people are upset that America’s new guru didn’t ask questions more pertinent and in line with Christianity, such as how we should better care for the poor.

Well, the guru had to ask about evil because Americans know all too well who is evil and where it resides. We know evil’s out there someplace where, probably, some of those scary brown people live. Surely evil can’t be found here at home.

I knew that John McCain’s answer was politically correct when his ‘chase it to the gates of hell’ response was received by wild applause from the conservative audience, while Barack Obama’s response of “there’s evil right here’ received sighs, murmurs and yawns. 

How have Americans come to be so arrogant and isolated that we can only see evil elsewhere and not at home, maybe residing in our very selves?

Maybe because no one wants to see themselves as anything other than good. Or as Obama sort of put it ‘the road to hell begins with good intentions’. So we justify the behavior of the Dick Cheney’s because protecting American citizens-even when that “protection” removes constitutional rights or even when Cheney stands to make goo gobs of money for him and his cronies-is job one.

Or we turn a blind eye to the number of filthy lies told to us by GWB. Afterall, we rationalize, he doesn’t really know what’s going on in an administration that he heads.

Post-September 11, 2001, 90% of the population stood behind Bush... a lot of progressives were included in that number

Somehow progressives got caught up in the hysteria, forgetting the warnings of Molly Ivins whose many columns foretold that GWB in the White House meant making a mess of America the way he’d made a mess of Texas. Somehow progressives didn’t remember his disreputable lust for blood as he presided over the highest number of prisoner executions while governor of Texas. Progressives neglected to remember his lack of compassion as Karla Faye Tucker pleaded for her life as GWB giggled and sneered at those pleas like a schoolyard bully.

How many progresives would now admit to supporting GWB during those fearful, hysterical post September 11, 2001 days, yet now won’t hesitate to call him evil? 

Evil is not nurtured by good judgment… is sometime supported by good intentions.

As well, evil resides a lot closer than any of us would care to admit and, yes, sometimes it even wears a white hat.


Happy Birthday, Troy!

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