Found this little ditty on the Youtube. It’s from *Fox News and demonstrates just what’s wrong with American news media. There are two high profiles politicians who have admitted cheating on their wife: John Edwards and John McCain, yet Neocon Hannity can only fault John Edwards for his infidelity, excusing McCain because “he is (sic) not the person he is now.”

It’s crazy and irrational… they’re obviously influenced by a politically conservative bent. Everything Hannity says in referencing Edwards can be applied to McCain, yet his irrationality won’t allow him to see it.

Hundreds of thousands of American viewers are influenced by this kind of rationalizing that passes for analysis. And our airwaves are inundated with this nonsense.

It’s mind-numbing and frightening to think that for younger Americans this is what they’ve come to know as “real” journalism. 

If we don’t hurry and turn things around in this country… in a couple of generations they’ll really be able to really have their way with us.

*HAN only does mainstream sourcing when pointing out their distortions.


2 thoughts on “The Double-Speaking Of Double-Thinkers

  1. It’s a big deal when a Democrat cheats on his wife but not when a Republican does? I find this attitude funny in a troubling way. Consider that the Republicans are supposed to stand for “family values,” doesn’t this difference reveal an underlying hypocrisy?

    Jose A. Rodriguez

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