HAN won’t be quoting any mainline, corporate-owned US media sources from this point forward. They are not worthy and seem to be submitting to the PNAC agenda of US hegemony and/or whatever other insidious plans they have brewing. PNAC is the group of deep “thinkers” who got us involved in Iraq. They want to keep junk going in the world… keeping the American public off-balance, distracted from domestic issues and poor.


Heard a report this morning from (Rupert Murdoch-owned) SkyNews that “it is quietly said that Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili is a psychopathic dictator.” They did not explain who is quietly saying this or why. However, they showed video of Russian-captured US weapons and reported that Russians will blend Georgian-captured tanks into the Russian army. They also showed a bombed out building somewhere in Georgia that the Russians claimed incited their strong response.

Have been looking for the video on line with no success. If I find it I will post it.


There is no religious test for US president.

The evangelicals have a sorrowful hold on the politics of this country. That some religious guru moderated  the first “debate” between our presidential candidates is a sad commentary on the politics in America.

By the way, there’s talk that McFail cheated by hearing the conversation between Barack Obama and the guru.

American politics: All show and little, if any, substance.


America looks weak in this confrontation with Russia. Rhetoric aside, the only thing we can do of any consequence to Russia is drop a few bombs, but Russia has bombs too. Is this the goal? Everybody dropping bombs is crazy, but these PNACer’s come straight from the cuckoo’s nest. There are PNACer’s who think GWB in his response was weak preferring instead a more aggressive stance.

Why would America start something that we couldn’t finish, showing the world just how militarily weak we actually are? Some observers say it is to make John McFail look like a leader.

Some others say it is a slow transfer of hostilities from Iraq to stir raw emotions in the former Soviet bloc, since GWB is acknowledging a pullout of troops in Iraq….possibly signaling an end to hostilities there, especially since the Oil Baron’s will get desired Iraqi oil rights.

Of the two scenarios the latter seems more plausible. Though if McFail can look “presidential” during this crisis, that could be a plus for him.

As well, former bloc countries have constituencies that are split on being pro-West or pro-Russia. The Russian response in Georgia is seen as a shot across the bow to them.

Fun times ahead. Not.

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