Turn Off Your Television Sets: US Media Coverage Incorrect As Usual

Our US media have made themselves fully irrelevant with this Georgian/Russian incident.

While our media were pumping up the Russian role as that of provocateur, I read on a progressive message board on Friday for the first time, that it was Georgia that went into the disputed territories to begin ethnic cleansing. To repeat: I read the first real reporting on the unfolding events between Georgia and Russia on a message board.

Just this morning I heard CBS report for the first time, after nearly a week, that it was Georgia who provoked the incident. The reporter added that those in Washington thought that the “Russian response was far too strong.” Really? Russians have never been punkable. But, that’s another story.

On last Friday’s edition of NewsHour, former Secretary of State to GHWB responded that noone was going to believe that Russia was not the aggressor when the possibility was raised that Georgia was at fault for the eruption. And that’s exactly what Neocons are hoping… that pre-programmed Americans would never believe a tiny, militarily-strapped Georgia might just be taking orders from John McCain (his senior advisor is a lobbyist for Georgia having collected at least $900,000) or GW.

This is more of politics as sport for Neocons. For the rest of us it’s life and death.

Time Out, Everybody

We gotta turn these media beasts off. We’ve gotta stop quoting them as sources, even when one day they happen to get it right for a change. We’ve gotta send a strong message that they are irrelevant as long as they skew 99% of the news.

News Alernatives

Here’s a list of a few media alternatives that carry US news as well as international news. Most can be podcast or watched online: Steve Paikin, quite an intelligent journalist (in reruns ’til Sept. 2), TVO, take your pick from a strong choice of intelligent programming, CBC News, for a taste of what’s actually happening in the nation and the world, and Global National, which does straight news coverage as well without the hideous, dizzying array of distracting graphics spinning and alarms blaring out at you.

Of course you can get video for Democracy Now, Mosaic, BIll Moyers and just recently Keith Ohlbermann via podcasts.

It’s difficult changing viewing habits. (Psychologists say it takes two week to change habits). We must turn the beats off and turn them off now until we get a product worthy of us American citizens. Cancel your cable TV and demand better coverage of issues for you and your family. 

We Must not Feed The Media Beast

We must not continue to feed the media beast hoping that it eventually dies. Let’s take our country back one channel at a time. We gotta leave a better world behind. It’s gotta start with us.

We are the change we are waiting for.

J Gowasky

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