Ever Skewed “News”

There are reasons why I limit time (5-7 minutes) watching major “news” outlets. This weekend from both CBS and ABC, I learned that only Democrats cheat on their wives. Men like President Bill Clinton, former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer and, of course, as was reported ad nauseum all weekend, John Edwards. Though ABC “News” did add Larry Craig’s name to their list of cheatin’ pols.

According to these “news” outlets by virtue of their failure to include them, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guiliani, David Vitter, the late Henry Hyde, nor John McCombover don’t or have never cheated on their wives. Reality check. Pleeeeease.

If, as teleprompter readers refer to him, the “presumptuous and elite” Barack Obama pulls out a win this election cycle, it’ll not be because the media are in his back pocket. Quite the contrary. What’s taken for news in this country is so skewed in favor of McCombover, you’d think media people don’t actually have to raise their own family in this country. Maybe, they plan to flee to one of ‘dem “foreign lands” if things get rough here.

*McCain In His Starring Role As “Mr. Celebrity”

Barack Obama is finally taking it to John McCombover today with a new ad touting McCombover as the real celeb. Obama points out that McCombover has been in Hollywood movies and has several appearances (eight) on David Letterman’s show and elsewhere. Seems McCombover is quite the Hollywood trollop.

McCombover, a typical scalawag shouting ” look over there.”

To be sure it’s a distraction from the issues, but one that will show McCombover for the liar he is. Obama is running his “McCain Celebrity” ad in the same states where the “Obama Celebrity” ads aired.


Okay, everybody loves Elizabeth, but let’s be honest. Isn’t John Edwards just too incredibly “clipart” cute to have not cheated on his wife? Just sayin’.


J Gowasky

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