Social Engineering or Black On Black Thought Crimes

It always amazes me to hear black men speaking poorly of other black men publicly the way I did yesterday while listening to The Ed Shultz Show. A caller who identified himself as black and a supporter of HRC used degrading words to reference Barack Obama. The words he used were stereotypical words usually mouthed by the more conservative members of  the white populace. 

An hour later, a second black male caller agreed with “David,” the former caller. This second caller used a term for Obama that was popularly used to describe black men during slavery times.

Last year, Rev. Jesse Jackson, before he was caught using a select derogatory term for black people, said that blacks using such terms was a sign of black self-hatred. I agree.

Even after 140 years, the self-degradation shows how imposing and detrimental the slave trade was-psychologically- for some blacks.

Social Engineering or White On White Thought Crimes

It amazes me that some white Americans can be so psychologically/emotionally distanced from their European heritage. When Obama went overseas, I was astounded by the number of times different commentators said that “those foreigners” were very much attracted to him, hinting that it was a bad thing. The commentators told us that Obama wasn’t running for world office and that voters here would not approve of his celebrity status over there.

The Social Engineers have succeeded in not only dividing us here at home by skin color and class, but they have succeeded in making white Americans believe that their heritage rests somewhere other than Europe. They have programmed Americans to believe that white America has nothing in common with those “French-speaking, sandal-wearing” Europeans. 

The Europeans have learned some valuable lessons over time that Americans don’t benefit from because the more conservative members of the white population have been manipulated to believe that Europeans are behind some kind of nefarious, socialist plot to takeover the USA.

The veil that has been stitched between us and them shows how overbearing and comprehensive the probing and prodding of Social Engineering is to the American population. 

George Bush Wrong (As Usual) On Human Rights

George Bush has the gall to speak to the Chinese government about human rights abuses. Scalawags will always point “over there” to throw the scent off of what’s going on right here in front of our eyes. 

Let’s remember…. America invades other countries.  America tortures. America has free-speech zones. America uses taser weapons on innocent citizens.  America holds more prisoners than any other country in the world, including China.  The American government consistently lies to its citizens. 

I think I need a glass of pharmaceutical-laced tap water.

Happy Friday

J Gowasky

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