The Sly Fox wallows in muck again with this Obamessiah video. 

It’s obvious Neocon’s are capable of emotionally holding two competing thoughts at once. For they believe Senator Obama is a stealth Muslim terrorist operative and a black panther-loving Christian. Too, Obama, according to them, is an elitist arugula-munching French-lover, who is much unlike their more centered and grounded $600 loafer-wearing, 7 homes-owning, private jet-flying John McCain.

I hate this kind of pukey Neocon tactic because it always makes people focus on Neocon trivial pursuits. The Cons love that. When they have to talk openly and honestly about policies that matter most to Americans, they haven’t a solid issue to stand on.

Still… their latest meme is that Obama is arrogant… seemingly because loads of people here and around the world adore him. (I won’t mention that this lovely little tactic is spun off from HRC’s “the sky will open up” mockery). The Cons want to convince us that it’s a bad thing for people from “them foreign lands” to fall in love again with America.

Why do Neocons hate America?

Obama’s trip was a rousing success, yet they’ve wasted plenty of our precious, clean oxygen bitchin’ and moanin’. These same Neocons who were wrong about tax cuts for the wealthy lifting the economy, wrong about the Iraq invasion, wrong about “homeland” security being secure… and have been wrong about everything.

UC Berkley’s, Philip Tetlock, refers to their brand as hedgehogs.  These pundits have been wrong and are wrong simply because they are blinded by the very thing they cling to: their ideology. 

Their own country crumbles before their eyes, yet they dutifully follow the deadbeats over the cliff. 

Instead of being rational and reasonable, they forgive/ignore/embrace John McCain’s ties to lobbyists who themselves have ties to nefarious world leaders. They ignore/forgive/embrace McCain’s misogynist tendencies; his wrong prediction that America would be victorious in Iraq over a short period of time; his confusing Sunni and Shi’a Muslims. Most of all, they ignore or forgive and even agree that McCain must continue George Bush’s regressive and debiliitaing foreign and domestic policies.

Why do Neocon’s hate America?

Clearly, the Obama story doesn’t fit into their narrative. 

To these hedgehogs, black men are brute and savage and they want to take all white women by force. Black men are dark and fierce and they want to take all white women by force. Black men are violent and uneducable and they want to take all white women by force.

Never mind that Obama was raised by his white midwestern family, guided by their ethos. The same ethos held, presumably, by the hedgehog-Neocons.

Never mind that black men are decent, hardworking citizens who just want to be given a fair shake in a country whose institutions (like the media) and laws disfavor them.

Never mind reality.

The hedgehog-Neocon ignorance springs forth from a deep well of fear. A well that has been dug and filled over many centuries. 

According to the hedgehog-Neocons, Obama has a Messiah complex because he speaks of humane public policies. Obama wants people lifted from poverty by providing a living wage for workers and he wants to provide universal health care coverage. The hedgehog-Neocon’s think these are bad things to achieve for our own citizens? Heaven forbid people who have more than enough money to get by, have to pay an extra nickel of taxes. Heaven forbid.

Neocons worship money. Do they believe Jesus' teachings are wrong?
Neocons worship money. Do they believe Jesus’ teachings are wrong?


According to the bible they claim to follow, we are created to do good works. It’s apparent the hedgehog-Neocons serve no higher purposes than to heap more ignorance on the already ignorant masses while they keep praying at the great altar of mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. 

Embracing money while condoning human suffering is antithetical to Christian theology.

As I told one of my Republican friends, “you missed Jesus the first time he came, what makes you think you’ll get it right the next time?”

These people aren’t fit to polish Obama’s modestly-priced shoes, though I wish that was the only work they could find….


J. Gowasky

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