Jesse Jackson was caught off-mike disparaging Senator Obama’s remarks regarding personal responsibility in the black community. Obama retorted that he would continue to speak out about the issue.

HAN agrees with the senator. We’d just like for him to widen his scope.

Personal responsibility is one of those code words used by whites when they are speaking of blacks. Such as when Pat Buchanan calls Obama “exotic.” Get this straight, Patty O, Barack Obama was born in the United State of America, unlike John McCain who was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Last we checked Panama is well south of North America.

McCain is the one who is not natural born, a requirement of the US Constitution. His birth place is currently under scrutiny as he may not be eligible to become president… if there is a god. Will Patty O say McCain is “exotic?” (In a bit of deference to Pat, no one as crusty or as pasty white as McCain can be seen as exotic).

Still, considering the current economic conditions in America, why is the personal responsibility message limited to only a small segment of the population? A segment that has no power to make societal changes.

After all, black people haven’t caused the mortgage scandal/crisis that’s lead to massive housing foreclosures.  Blacks have not caused Freddie and Fannie to faint.

Blacks did not LIE the American public into “war,” with Iraq, nor incite the Sunni and the Shi’a to battle each other there. Blacks have not “lost” or stolen billions of dollars of Iraqi reconstruction money.

Blacks haven’t caused the gas prices to rise nor are blacks responsible for the high cost of consumer goods and products. Blacks did not create the ginormous national debt nor the national deficit.

Blacks have not caused air and noise pollution in this country, nor global warming in this world. 

Blacks have not caused the health care crisis in this country. Blacks have not caused the epidemics of salmonella and E-coli contaminations in our food.

However, when politicians talk about personal responsibility everybody piles on: “yeah” everyone yells as we’re all reminded- once again- about those lazy black Americans having too many out-of-wedlock babies. “Tsk, tsk, tsk,” they say. “Those blacks just can’t get it together.

The media and politicians just might as well yell: “hey, look over there.” ‘Cause that’s what everybody does when personal responsibility is the subject. It’s another distraction from the real issue.

Because, those who’ve caused these problems- the “deciders” of our foreign and domestic policies- our politicians and business leaders, are sitting comfortably in their homes and offices. They sit comfortably because we’re not even thinking of them as the culprits. At least, not so long as they can make us look “over there.”

On the other hand, if we blame our “deciders,” we’d ultimately have to take personal responsibility ourselves for handing them power and not demanding it back when that power is abused.

Think about that the next time you have the urge to pile on.

Personal responsibility is a good thing Senator Obama. Now… when do your colleagues get their speech?

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One thought on “Politics of Personal Responsibility

  1. for the most part i agree with what you’ve said…people find it so easy to forget 400 years of free labor that has left a certain group of people at a disadvantage

    America is the great nation it is because it was built for free

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