Today’s big story is the unscheduled landing of Senator Obama’s plane in St. Louis while enroute to Charlotte, NC because of mechanical problems. Liberals and progressives shudder when we hear about mechanical problems aboard our candidate’s planes. We’ve seen far too many of our liberal giants taken violently from us. 

HAN usually does not fret over Obama’s safety. This country is overdue for a radical swing away from the oppressive policies of George Bush. Some things in life are bigger than even Bush’s control-freak desire to be the “decider” about everything under the sun.

Still, here’s some advice to Senator Obama, who HAN had hoped would avoid the entanglement of an Iraq visit before ascending to the nation’s highest office. Senator, If they change your SS detail prior to your Iraq visit, ask more than a few questions. 


There is more buzz today about whether or not our elected officials are being bribed into going along with FISA. Of course, they are. The spying started long before September 11. 

As was stated in an earlier post, for the welfare of an entire country and their own families, congress members should fess up to their crimes. An entire country should not be made to drown because certain individuals want to protect their job or ego.

Act selflessly.

Man up.

Fess up.

Feel better.

Back on Wednesday.


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