Jonanthan Alter speaks to Randi Rhodes about FISA; says bill restores FISA court.


We should all be outraged by the Democrat’s bill that gives retroactive immunity from lawsuits to the telecoms for illegally spying on Americans. The above excerpt from The Randi Rhodes Show gives one plausible explanation for congressional support of the current bill now set for vote after the July 4th recess. 

Still, giving them immunity for illegal activity is a horrible idea. 

Here is a contact form that you can use to express opposition to the so-called “compromise” FISA bill.

An aside: During the interview, Jonathan Alter reveals that last August congressional leadership were intimidated by a scary report warning that the Capitol would be bombed by terrorists.

It should give us all pause that George Bush has the temerity to scare our representatives into doing his unconstitutional bidding.

A safe and happy 4th of July to everyone. 


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