Ten per cent of Americans still believe that Barack Obama is Muslim (Obama is not Muslim. Obama is Christian). Surely, the Rev. Wright controversy has cleared that up.

That number is down from 13 per cent. Maybe by general election time the number will be down to 1-2 per cent wrongly believing.  By the way, there is no religious test in this country. The question  of any candidate’s religious affiliation is mute at best; it needs to be removed from all surveys.

Better them than…

People want to believe the worst in people. I think it makes us feel superior. Right now the worst– for a lot of people–is being a Muslim. Being Muslim might even be worse than being… black.  Imagine being black and Muslim?  

Why? “‘Cause,” they say, “we’re at war with radical Muslims. They attacked the World Trade Center.” 

Some evidence: A video tape of a porked up bin Laden shows him confessing to having foreknowledge of the events of Sept. 11. Also, there are those Muslim high jackers from Sept. 11, 2001. They masterfully brought plane loads of men and women under their control while using boxcutters. Then we have all those Muslim terrorists picked up on the battlefields of Afghanistan. They were placed in Guantanamo Bay for good reason.

Not so fast. There are experts who tell us that that bin Laden confession tape was faked. There are experts who state that a number of the Sept. 11 high jackers are still alive post Sept. 11.  And those Muslim terrorists picked up on the battlefield of Afghanistan were sold to the military by disgruntled neighbors or by bounty hunters, etc.

Question Everything: Their Lies Can Make You Insane

There are military tribunals taking place in Guantanamo right now. How much can we expect to learn about the Guantanamo detainees since military tribunals are anathema to our system of justice? An article from 2006 states the case against military tribunals perfectly.

Why should Americans believe the very people who lied us into invading Iraq and who have never stopped lying to us? George Bush nor the Republicans have earned our trust after lying us into attacking Iraq; lying about WMD and Iraq’s supposed system to deliver them; lying about getting warrants before wiretapping our phone lines; lying about releasing information on Valerie Plame’s undercover identity.

The Bushies even lie to us about the obvious…information for which we can check for ourselves, like “Brownie doing a heckova job” in New Orleans and about declining workplace accidents. They lie to Americans about each and everything. When the people we must trust lie to us instead, what affect does that have on us?

Name and Scarf Madness Reign Supreme

Republicans think we should not use law enforcement techniques when it comes to terrorists. We’re just supposed to sit by as they repeat the name Hussein ad nauseum, then go insane by imprisoning anyone wearing a burqua or something remotely similar to one.

Our laws mandate that a person be innocent until proved guilty. Why should we be complicit in lowering our constitutional protections in exchange for some elusive form of safety? How does abandoning our justice system prove how patriotic we are? That very reasoning throws logic and patrotism on its head.

Absolutely nothing has been proved about what really happened on Sept. 11. The 911 commission was a farce. Plenty of Americans, including families who lost loved ones that day were not satisfied with the commission’s findings.

People are taught to hate. Bush and the Republicans want us to hate. Author James Baldwin said, “ideas come from the state which creates and manipulates the mob.” 

Not this time.

We are no mob. We are American.   

J. Gowasky

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