The Glut of Greed

We’ve had hours and hours of testimony from economists on Capitol Hill who say that oil prices would range anywhere between $60 and $85 per barrel were the market not overrun with speculators. Yet, somehow that sound and reasoned testimony has failed to stimulate the per barrel price of oil to drop. Yet, when investment bankers come out with their forecasts of ever higher prices the per barrel price climbs higher still. Are you even aware that insider trading is not illegal in commodities markets?  Shameful.

Metro Trains Filling Up

San Diego Trolley:Wikipedia

Metro ridership is up around the country as more people flock to mass transportation, leaving their cars parked in the garage. Ridership has even increased for Amtrak, the nation’s only major rail service that has been left to decline by every Administration beginning with Ronald Reagan. Mass transportation is booming in America.

Unless, of course, you live in Michigan where there is no mass transit system to speak of, unless you consider the lumbering bus ride. That’s right. If you live in the nation’s 11th largest city, you have no alternative to high gas prices other than to find someone to ride and share the cost. Just as the auto industry stubbornly balked at the idea of improving automobile fuel efficiency standards, they balked at the idea of metro-Detroiters having access to any transportation other than their cars. 

The pig-headed and foresight-challenged automotive executives not only screwed themselves with bad decision making, but a number of Americans as well. Metro-Detroiters are especially screwed. Mass transit plans are supposedly in the works. Though nothing will bring back lost manufacturing jobs.

Bush’s Poll Numbers

George Bush’s poll numbers are hovering around 23 per cent now. That seems like a low figure, but you have to consider that that number represents a staggering 69 million Americans who Bush said he is able to fool all the time.

I pity the fools.

What’s South Korea’s Beef With US Beef?

South Korea beef protesters (boston.com)

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has replaced top officials in his new administration after the country agreed to resume US imports of beef. Protests have rocked the country for weeks since Lee first announced the resumption of the beef import from America. The protests nor the change of top officials will cause the agreement to be renegotiated.


What have the South Koreans discovered about American beef that Americans don’t know?

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