Today begins HAN’s week long discussion on race. What are your views on racism?

Some say that racism happens when people of any group are classified or characterized by stereotypes. Others say it’s impossible to be a racist if you’re a person of color. That you can only be racist if you wield power within institutions and then use that power to prevent people from reaching their goals. Is it possible for anybody–regardless of color and position– to be racist? 

Are you a racist if you clutch your handbag or cross the street when approaching a person of color?

Are you a racist if you believe that white people hate you even if they don’t know you?

Are cabbie’s racist if they refuse to pick up a fare who is a person of color, even if the cabbie himself is a person of color? 

Challenge your ideas on racism. Take this Harvard quiz.

Your comments can be added  below.

Tomorrow’s blog: Barack Obama is heading off Republican talking points by mentioning, before they do, that they will try to make him seem scary.  Why should Republicans think this will be an effective tactic? Are white people really afraid of Black people?

One thought on “You’re a racist if….

  1. what is with afro-american’s????? most of them hate any1 that’s
    not black… you prey on people 4 there comments or so called racist comment’s… freedom for speech is an american right.
    blacks use this againts every 1 thats not black… its bullshhit.. grow up!!! not every 1 is racist, but u make people hate you by your actions, like not stopping to pickup white people at a bus stop by black bus driver’s…. i hope that mc cain wins . even thou i hate rep. party!!! he has my vote… this show’s that if a afro-american is prez. this crap will get worst,,an if he is prez. and some 1 shoots and kills him … we will have a race war in the usa…it will be worst then the civil war…. and coming from a mixed family i seenall kinds of racist people…. we are americans. we are all the same right’s…. but if a white bus driver or anyother race for that matter will only get noticed it your black!!! mixed dont count !!! this is one hell of a problem we have,,, the hell with gas price’s!! we need to stop this before it
    get’s to that point!!! the hell with the all this if they don’t like it here in this counrty!!! THEN LEAVE!!! AFRICA IS WAITING FOR YOU…GO HOME,,,, AND DON’T COME BACK ……..ENGLAND IS WAITING FOR THE RACIST WHITES TOO…. leave us american humanbeing’s alone with all your hate and anger..plz before god hit’s your racist ass with a bolt of lightn… ty have a nice day!!!!!

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