More Iraq war funding, telecom immunity and no-bid contracts for greedy Oil Barons in Iraq. Yikes. So our troops have to stay in Iraq to protect the oil fields for the oil companies now? 

And all these things are being done while Americans are paying attention. Imagine what they agree to in private. 

So HAN is suspicious.  Are our Congress people being bribed? If you are being bribed congress people, please just admit publicly that Georgie’s got the goods on you. Go ahead… get it off your chest and clear your conscience while you’re at it. That way– in coming clean– you can begin to serve the public interest. Because you’re not serving the public interest now.

Instead all you do is make great soundbites about accountability before eventually caving in to the crazy man’s demands.

If, on the other hand, esteemed members of Congress, you aren’t being blackmailed by information that was gathered illegally by the telecoms, please tell us, your constituents, what the heck is going on with you. You work for us and it’s about time you tell us. We demand to know.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2006: “Democrats are ready to lead.”  



We’re all looking forward to the summer season which brings much needed vacations, trips to the beaches and amusement parks. However, the fall and winter seasons are quickly approaching. We’ve got to be smart and prepare for even higher winter fuel costs. Don’t wait for the media to get around to telling you… generally not until the fall season begins.  Below are some tips and links:

You can elect to spread your estimated heating costs throughout a year of gas service. HAN has heard good and bad stories about doing such a thing, so be sure to ask your energy provider for their policy. Ask questions and be clear about their policy.

Insulate. Insulate. Insulate. 

Sign up for Energy Assistance Program (EAP): State and federal utility assistance dollars are available for income-eligible customers. 

Ask your energy provider or your local government for a list of competitors. If you’re age 55 or older you may receive special compensation.

Switch out your old thermostat for one with a programmer. You can program it to automatically lower the setting while you’re away or sleeping.

More tips here: and here and here.

Have a great weekend. What a Friday… and it’s early already. HAN is off to the beach.

Check in next week when we begin our conversation on race relations in America.

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