M. Night Shyamalan’s movie, “The Happening” is a good way to spend 91 minutes.

M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, “The Happening,” is well worth seeing. It doesn’t contain the summer movie’s mandatory 20 minute car chase, but nevertheless is an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Shyamalan rips current news from the headlines and extrapolates an incredibly realistic scenario from it.

Critics of the movie are plentiful. Among major complaints is that Shyamalan’s plot is not probable. Possible SPOILER: Without giving too much of the movie away, HAN wonders if those critics have forgotten that the human body is generally designed to self-heal as well as eradicate foreign invaders from our bodies. Seems logical to us that earth possess those very traits as well. Reasons behind the dinosaurs sudden disappearance from earth–including, that it may have been due to a ginormous meteor– are only speculative.

Earth’s age is approximated at around 4.54 billion years. With that in mind man is still a relative newcomer to the planet. Wonder if we’re responsible for the greatest damage to it? 

For years, HAN has wondered why humans have been so careless in our role as custodians of our great planet. Already our lack of sustainable policies may be pushing our species to the brink of extinction. That’s if global warming, impending water wars, or lack of food don’t finish us off first.

We’re sorta smart people, but we really don’t get it. Do we? The question is: What kind of intelligent life would destroy the very thing that sustains it? Is there any other species on the planet that purposefully destroys its own habitat when it is still very much in use? If one such species does exists… it’s clearly as bright as we are, which isn’t very.

Humans might be the smartest species on earth, but obviously we’re not the most intelligent.

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