With so many thoughts to share, we can barely contain ourselves!


Barack Fights Smears

We’re still holding our breath even after Fox News issued its apology for a producer’s poor judgment in using a chyron to smear Michelle Obama. And with this week’s damage already being done their next smear is just around the corner. (Last week’s smear is posted below). By the way, Barack Obama fights back against the many internet rumors stalking him and Michelle. 

Help For Financially Strapped

Stumbled upon a website that could be beneficial to the financially strapped. Feed The Pig is a self-help website that offers common sense ways for budgeting your money. The site includes calculators and other resources for making a budget and calculating your savings. They state on their page that they do not offer individual advice.   

The Supreme Court Rules

Inch by inch, America is pulling itself out of the gloom that’s pervaded the country since Sept. 11, 2001. The Supreme court has ruled that the Constitution grants the Guantanamo detainees the privilege of being tried in federal court versus the military tribunals.  Watching George Bush speak about the decision, his anger was palpable.

Wonder if the decision means we will finally discover the truth of how and why each detainee was captured and how they have been treated at Guantanamo Bay? 

Is it time to exhale?

They’re Coming Back Home!

And finally…. We’re really glad the Democratic primary season is over. It was hard to stomach the many false allegations launched against stalwart and, in fact,  our most staunchest progressives, while the views of the more fringe thinkers in today’s society were embraced.

On the other hand, it was good to see the more reasonable conservative voters cast their lot with either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. That’s change we can believe in.  

Polls show the Democrats are beginning to coalesce around their presidential nominee, Barack Obama. Yoohoo!!!!!

We’re thinking of exhaling, but we’d better wait ’til November. 

Happy Friday everybody and Happy Father’s Day!

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