The last couple of weeks have been heavenly for the MSM who rather fancy the increased audience they get from exposing juicy and sordid stories of some of our country’s most powerful citizens.  Things began slowly with the resignation of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer after the revelation of his illicit relationship with a 22 yo hooker. Weaving in and out of the Spitzer story were snippets of the passionate words of Senator Obama’s erudite preacher, shocking the sensibilities of some segments of the American populace. Tales of the tapes were threatening to derail his front-runner status.  Just as Senator Clinton’s poll numbers were beginning to rise from Obama’s misfortune we learned that the Bosnian bullet-dodging story she’d told over the last several months was not as dramatic as she’d claimed…. there were no bullets to dodge.  Still, a story slowly coming to a boil in the background concerned Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who, though a lawyer, is alleged to have lied under oath in an attempt to conceal a love affair with his chief of staff. Sound slightly familiar?  Wow. We need to catch our breath. It’s as though the very gates of hell were thrown open. Who would survive? How would they survive? Lots of apologies to be had.   edit: Thanks to all who are posting.  HAN

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