Each spring, tourists flock to Washington DC to witness the cherry trees bloom. These trees, a gift from Japan, line the Tidal Basin in Washington DC adding a dazzling spectacle of pink and white beauty to the nation’s capital. For Americans the yearly cherry blossoms mark the arrival of spring and reflects to the country the yearly call to make all things new again.

To the Japanese culture the cherry tree represents transition as well as the delicacy and immediacy of life. For in a just a brief span of two weeks, the cherry tree opens one of the world’s most alluring flowers before falling to the ground… after which time the delicate blossoms are swiftly swept away by wind or rain. During this short blossoming period the Japanese gather together to watch the cherry trees: A lifetime of living in practically the blink of an eye reminding them- subtly- of how precious a thing life is… how time is not to be wasted, but cherished.


“Something is going on,” the television pundits say almost daily. “People are seeking change.” We agree. There is something going on.

Healing A Nation is a blog for those of us who are compelled by the hurried passage of time to make a healing change in our lives and in the lives of others. Part of healing change means to admit and then move beyond past mistakes… wiping the slate clean so that we have a clear conscious for moving forward without baggage or bad karma or guilt- or whatever else we might call it- that’s weighing us down. It’s essential to correct the past before stepping bravely into the future, guilt-free.


How many of us have ever said to ourselves, “if he’d only say he’s sorry I could forgive him,” or have uttered these words in despair,” I was so mean to her in high school, if I ever get a chance to say I’m sorry…?”

Well, here’s your chance to set the record straight. You can sign your name or use this site anonymously, if you like. However, please protect the privacy of others and do not use anyone’s full name in your post. (Try using nicknames or other unique identifiers). All full names, whether fictional or not, will be removed. Otherwise you can describe the circumstance as fully as you’d like so that the offended party will recognize the circumstance.


Let’s take this opportunity to heal a nation and change the world…one person at a time beginning with ourselves.

Sí, se puede means yes we can…change.

If you have any suggestions for this blog, you can include them in the comments section on this page.

One thought on “Behold… All Things Are New Again!

  1. This is a great site I hope this will encourage people, as it did me, to repair the relationships that we have with people because there is no promise of it lasting until tomorrow.

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